Cardiff Golf Club 100  


November 1949 to October 1953


P79  Monday 14th November 1949               GENERAL COMMITTEE

(11)  “War damage bomb crater - Secretary reported that he had submitted a claim against war damage for bomb craters on 10th and 12th holes.” (now No11 & 13)


P100  Tuesday 14th February 1950                      ANNUAL REPORT

“Improvements and alterations to the Course have been carried out - holes No 6 and No7 have now been restored and will open for play in the Spring.”


P104  Monday 13th March 1950                   GENERAL COMMITTEE

(8) “Club competitions - Request asking the Club to sponsor league competition for men over 60 years of age was approved.”

“Offer from O.T.Walters to present a Cup for this Competition was gladly accepted.”


P140  Monday 11th September 1950                GENERAL COMMITTEE

(5) “War Damage Claims

(a) Cheque received for £50-16-2d in full settlement of claim for filling in of bomb crater on 10th fairway.

(b) Offer of £158-8-0d from the Ministry of Agriculture of the claim for 6th and 7th fairway was not accepted. Secretary was asked to take the matter further with a view to pressing for a full settlement of the claim.”


P148  Sunday 5th November 1950                   GREENS COMMITTEE

“ A report from C.K.Cotton (golf architect( was considered.”


P155  Monday 11th December 1950                GENERAL COMMITTEE

“War Damage claim:- Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries offered £190 for War Damage to 6th and 7th fairways - accepted.”


P170  Monday 19th February 1951           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“It will be recalled that in the Spring, the 6th and 7th holes were re-opened, thus after a lapse of years, restoring the full Course for play.”


P204  Monday 13th August 1951                   GENERAL COMMITTEE

(12) O.T.Walters Cup - Resolved to hold a Bogey Competition over 14 holes for men over 60 years on Thursday Sept 13th 1951.”


P225  Monday 19th December 1951                GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Exhibition Match - Letter from Max Faulkener was read out, proposing an exhiition match.”




P289  Monday 20th October 1952                  GENERAL COMMITTEE

“The Club gave approval that a section of members proposed to form a society within the Club for members over 60 years of age.”


P293  Monday 17th November 1952                GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Veterans Society letter to the Club, thanking the Committee for their kindness and consideration in allowing the formation of this group of members.”

“Agreed to allow the Veterans Society to hold a supper in the Clubhouse on Thursday 11th December 1952.”


P296  Monday 8th December 1952         HOUSE & FINANCE COMMITTEE

“Greenkeepers Supper was over subscribed and that there should be a ballot for places, but Committee members have priority- (previously preference was based on when a member joined the Club).”


P299  Thursday 18th December 1952                GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Additional Trophy Boards - negotiations are afoot for the presentation to the Club of trophy boards for Gold Bowl and Silver Bowl.”


P315  Weds 11th March 1953                ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“ Mr O.T.Walters thanked the Committee for allowing members to form a Veterans Society. Sir Robert Webber agreed to be Patron, and now invited the Captain, Mr R.S.Coffin to become an Honorary Member, and Mr Meurig Evans, the incoming Captain, to become an Honorary Member during his term of office.”


P352  Sunday 25th October 1953                    GREENS COMMITTEE

“Ground under repair to the right of No1 fairway - site of new green where the soil is exposed.” (Current No2 green was being constructed.)