Cardiff Golf Club 100  


February 1929 to May 1933


P1  Weds, 29th February 1929                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) “ resolved that Mrs Smalldon be appointed Stewardess of the Club at a weekly wage of £2-10-0d.”

(4) “resolved that the appointment of Mr and Mrs Kingston be terminated with one month’s notice.”


P9  Weds 29th March 1929       HOUSE AND FINANCE SUB- COMMITTEE

(12) “Notice of motion was given that at the next House and Finance Committee, the question of the possible purchase of the Golf Course be discussed.”


P13  Friday 22nd March 1929                       GREENS COMMITTEE

“following a re-measuring of the length of holes, the Secretary is to make an application to Welsh Golfing Union for a revision of SSS”


P21  Weds 17th April 1929                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

(8)  “ that the Secretary again communicate with Mr Ewan Davies in connection with the probable purchase of the land that we rent from him”

(9) “ letter received from Mr Davies dated 27th March re a field forming part of Coed-y Gloriau. The Secretary to inform him that the Committee is willing to rent this field for £10 per year.”


P32  Friday 7th June 1929                          GREENS COMMITTEE

(2)  “letter from Welsh Golfing Union - the Course had been graded “D” and that SSS had increased from 71 to 72.”

(7)  “ the Captain (C.A.Bowchier) made an offer to present a silver cup to be played for, in the competition in aid of Cardiff Institute for the Blind, to be played for on Sat 14th September.”


P52  Friday 6th Sept 1929                          GREENS COMMITTEE

(3)  “ it was resolved that an Open Competition in aid of Cardiff Institute for the Blind to be held on Saturday 5th October.”



“ meeting called to consider letter from Mr Ewan Davies regarding the sale of a plot of land in Westminster Crescent adjoining the parking places.”

“ nominal sum of £10 plus the money already expended. A phone call just prior to the meeting - he would give the land for nothing - just the money already spent.”

“Offer accepted conditionally upon Mr Davies agreeing to lay a sewer, without delay, along Westminster Crescent so the Club could make the necessary drainage connection.”


P72  Weds 29th Nov 1929                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“that the Committee review whether it is desirable that the Club continue as a member of the Glamorganshire County Golf Union”

P78  Weds 18th Dec 1929                         GENERAL COMMITTEE

(4)  “ draft agreement submitted by Mr Ewan Davies regarding Bridge Field, part of Coed-y-Gloriau Farm, for a yearly tenancy.”



P93  Weds 29th January 1930                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ report from the Secretary and Professional on the Mole Plough, a cable winding method by the Hodgson Process, suggests that these outfits be purchased immediately. “We are satisfied that that if this does not solve the drainage question, there is nothing that can be done to improve the playing condition of this land!”


P100  Weds 12th February 1930                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ that a Mole Plough outfit be purchased forthwith.”


P105  Weds 12th May 1930                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) “Mr Ewan Davies granted tenancy agreement on “Bridge Field” to correspond to the unexpired portion of the lease of Ty-to Maen, with the proviso that he may obtain possession of this land, should the ground be required for building purposes.”

(8) “it was resolved that the Secretary order two dozen Schweppes Tonic Waters.”


P110  Friday 21st March 1930                       GREENS COMMITTEE

“ Manufacturer of Hodgson Winch for the Mole Plough has gone into liquidation, with just one days’ work necessary to complete our Winch. Trying to arrange with the liquidator to have the work completed, in order for delivery on 26th March.”


P119  Weds 9th April 1930                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ It was resolved that negotiation be made for an extension of the lease on the portion of No 13 hole, with Mr George Edwards.” (currently hole No 14)


P122  Thursday 9th April 1930                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ cheque for £125-10-8d forwarded for Hodgson Winch and Mole Plough.”


P130  Weds 111th June 1930                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

“draft agreement in respect of Bridge Field submitted and approved by Mr Ewan Davies be accepted.”


P135  Thursday 26th June                          GREENS COMMITTEE

(9) “Secretary pointed out that Glamorgan County Golf Union had arranged a County Foursomes meeting at Radyr on the same day as The Infirmary Gold Challenge Bowl! The Secretary was authorized to send a letter of protest to the secretary of Glamorgan County Union.”


P138  Weds 9th July 1930                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

(4) “Letter received from the Secretary of Glamorgan County Union was read out. Our Secretary was directed to communicate with the Union, stating that their action in cancelling the Foursomes meeting was much appreciated.”



P179  Weds 18th February 1931             ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus revenue for the year was £483-12-0d.”


P191  Weds 8th April 1931                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ Letter received regarding a broken window by a golf ball was received. Resolved that the Secretary reply by stating that certain structural will be effected to hole No 17.”


P202  Friday 29th May 1931                        GREENS COMMITTEE

(7) “ A match to be arranged the following day to celebrate David H Lewis winning the 1st Welsh Boys Championship against H.G.Bowen of Clyne. Singles in the morning followed by foursomes in the afternoon, with the boys playing against Henry R Howell and Gwyn Llewellyn.”


P206  Weds 19th June 1931                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(5) “a cheque to Mr Ewan Davies of £20 to pay for his bringing the sewer to a point in Westminster Crescent to enable us to connect the cesspit sewer that was laid at Mr Davies’ expense.

(10) “A letter was received asking if the Committee would be prepared to consider the admittance of an Artisan Section.Large membership of the Club already, so unable to grant the above mentioned facilities.

(13) “ It was resolved that the following matter be placed on the agenda for the next General Committee meeting, to discuss the question of the purchase of the Course or an extension of the existing lease.”


P221  Weds 9th Sept 1931                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“The Club to pay £103 to Mr Ewan Davies for the roadway adjoining Westminster Crescent, that Mr Davies had gifted us.”


P239  Weds 11th Nov 1931                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(6) “ The Secretary was asked to arrange a meeting with a Mr Watkins regarding his land, adjoining Hole No 13.”

(14) “that the decision of the Captain in making members of the South African Touring Rugby side during their stay in Cardiff be confirmed.”

(20) “Mr Davies would not consider the question of an extension of the lease, but would meet with the Committee regarding the sale of certain portions of the land - he would exclude any land that could be deemed building land e.g. holes 12,13,16 and 17.”

(21) “The secretary was directed to communicate with Mr George Edwards offering to review the period of the lease of his land (hole No 13) for a period of years at the present rental.”


P245  Weds 9th December 1931                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ Mr Watkins had definitely decided that he was unable to rent any of his land to the Club.”


P251  Weds 13th January 1932                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(5) “ Mr Edwards was prepared to rent this land for 1 year at an annual rental of £50. Meeting arranged to offer £30 and to enquire if possible to make a purchase.”

P256  Thurs 21st January 1932               GENERAL COMMITTEE

(6) “Mr Edwards only prepared to lease for one year at £50 and was not prepared to negotiate. Matter was deferred. A sub-committee to interview Mr Ewan Davies re. Land on right of No7 tee.” (Now 8th tee)


P259  Weds 10th February 1932                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

(5) “ Letter from Mr Ewan Davies re. Part of Coed-y Gloria Farm, tenanted by Mr Tucker. Mr Tucker was due to attend Committee meeting but failed to arrive. Secretary to later interview Mr Tucker.

(6) “Sub-Committee set up to arrange an interview with Mr Edwards, to avoid payment of £50 rent. This sub-committee was given authority to arrange further years rental at £50 max. And to discuss the possibility of purchase at a price not exceeding £350.”


P262  Weds 17th February 1932              ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus revenue for the year was £533-7-6d.”


P265  Weds 17th February 1932                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ a report on the negotiations with Mr George Edwards - a letter from him dated 13th Feb - resolved that conditions stipulated in this letter be unanimously adopted for 4 years, and a lease to be drawn up.”


P279  Weds 3rd April 1932                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Letter from G.Edwards solicitor, that they would accept £47-10-0d per year for the field. Hon Solicitorto conclude arrangements at this price, if he could not obtain the land at £45, and to ask for an additional plot to make this land up to three acres.”


P282  Weds 11th May 1932                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Hon Solicitor submitted draft agreement between the Trustees of the Club and Mr G.Edwards re “the land on which No13 green is situate” for £47-10-0d per year.”


P300  Weds 14th September 1932                  GENERAL COMMITTEE

(15) “a tender was received from Tucker & Sons for preparing Sherbourne Road, clearing gullies, laying,watering and rolling with a steam roller, 125 tons of stone to cover 300 yards, 12ft wide, for the sum of £70, was submitted. Not accepted! Instructions to Smalldon to temporarily repair the road.”

(24) “The secretary informed the Committee of an unofficial match on 9th Oct, between Henry Howell’s team and Eight players from our Club.” 

P320   Weds 14th Dec 1932                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(4) “ letter received from Cardiff Royal Infirmary asking for an exhibition , tournament to be played at the Club in 1933, with Mr Bert Hodgson, the well known Professional, in aid of CRI.”

(13) “Club to enter a team in the Glamorgan County Union for 1933.”


P330  Weds 15th February 1933             ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus revenue for the year was £427-18-0d”

“Fourball Professional match to be played Sat 8th July, with Mr Bert Hodgson”


P335  Weds 8th March 1933                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(7) “Secretary informed meeting that the Team had been placed in Division 1 of the inter-club team tournament.”

(14) “Secretary informed the meeting that Bert Hodgson had given his consent to play in the Professional Fourball event, and that letters had been forwarded to Percy Alliss and H. Kenyon.”


P340  Monday 13th March 1933                     GREENS COMMITTEE

(1) “Revised Standard Score had been received from Welsh Golfing Union of 70.All handicaps to be adjusted by the addition of 1 stroke, except handicaps 10 to 16, to be increased by 2.”

(5)  “ Provided that a Cup can be obtained, a competition is to be arranged - a medal round to be held on four Wednesdays in the summer months, with two players to qualify each week.”


P343  Friday 24th March 1933                          SUB-COMMITTEE

“To discuss alterations to the Bar and the installation of electric lighting.”


P351  Weds 12th April 1933                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(10) “ The Captain had suggested that a Golf Club tie should be obtained, such tie being of a registered design.”