Exhibition Match Henry Cotton v. Dai Rees

On the weekend of 20th and 21st of October 1939, top British professionals Henry Cotton and     D. J. "Dai" Rees played an exhibition match consisting of 36 holes  over Clyne Golf Club on the Saturday and 36 holes over Cardiff Golf Club on the Sunday. This was how it was reported in "The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News":

Exhibition Match

in aid of

The Red Cross & St. John Fund

J. Lyndon Jones                            Henry Cotton                            David Rees       Ewan G. Davies

  (Vice Captain)                                                                                                       (Vice President)

                             R. T. Evans                                 H. T. King                       F. Vivian Jones

                      (Deputy Lord Mayor)                         (Captain)                           (Secretary)

October 22nd 1939

Cards for Sunday 22nd October 1939 at Cardiff Golf Club



The cheque paid to the Red Cross and St. John fund in resprct of money raised from tthe exhibition match.

Cotton v Rees 1939 Cheque.jpg

Prior to the match, Heny Cotton wrote to H.T. King, Captain of the Club, concerning arrangements for the match, and expresses some anxiety regarding the availibility of petrol.


18 Oct 39


Dear Mr. King/

                        I think a single - 36 holes - will be a better game, as I shall be coming from Swansea I think early on Sunday as unless I get away very early there is a danger of getting caught in the black out, and so we could start at 10.30 am with a single.

                              If I do arrive Sat. night I'll be at the Angel Hotel + would e delighted to see you.        I enclose a separate letter re the petrol. I'd certainly like to fill up - as I am always short + I keep takng on more games.

-                         Hoping the weather continues to be kind to us -            

                               Yours sincerely,

                                                         Henry Cotton

Cotton Letter A.jpg


18 Oct 39


Dear Mr. King/

                        I shall have enough petrol to get to Cardiff + Swansea but it would be a great help if I could fill up before leaving on Monday as the extra allowance I obtained from the Red Cross games is very just, and I keep on saying I will play extra ones.

        So if you could get ma a few coupons - DLH 314 my car number - it would help a lot. My car is a Packard 30  and does 13 m.p.g.

         In any case I appreciate your kind thought + if you are successful, please convey my thanks to the divisional controller. 

                               Yours sincerely,

                                                         Henry Cotton

P.S. I'll be arriving on Sat night or Sun morning

Cotton Letter B.jpg