Cardiff Golf Club 100  

Extracts of Committee Meetings minutes


April 1926 to March 1928


P11 Weds 21st April 1926                         GENERAL COMMITTEE

“that the House Committee propose a scheme for laying out the ground in the vicinity of the Pavilion, and the marking out of a parking place for motor cars.”


P17  Thurs 29th April 1926         HOUSE & FINANCE SUB-COMMITTEES

“that Mr Wilmot report regarding the cost of connecting drainage to the mains sewers.”

“the question of the purchase of a refrigerator was considered and deferred.”


P21  Weds 12th May 1926                      HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE

“car parking was approved.”


P24  Weds 19th May 1926                         GENERAL COMMITTEE

(8) “letter dated 20th April received from Mr Ewan Davies submitted :- Re giving up certain land intended in the lease” (Was this to be Sherbourne Ave?)


P34  Weds 16th June 1926                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“it had been decided to allow Mr Davies to take over the land referred to.”


P40  Thurs 1st July 1926                           GREENS COMMITTEE

(3) “consequence of SSS being assessed at 71, bogey scores on holes 1 and 17 are reduced to 4.”

(9) “ a pair be entered for the Victory Foursomes in August.”

(10) “ a team be entered for the Team Championships at Royal Porthcawl Golf Club in August.”


P57  Weds 15th Sept 1926                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Golf Club officers to interview the directors of Cardiff Golf Club Pavilion Ltd, with the object of raising £400 on debentures.”

“quotes were obtained for (a) paths, fencing, gates, stone tea terrace and drainage and (b) parking place at the rear of the Clubhouse.”

“sub-committee have left the question open to the General Committee as to the desirability of asking the Club to pay for a parking ground purely for the motoring members of the Club.”


P68  Tuesday 19th Oct 1926                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(6) “that the Secretary record the appreciation of this Committee of the Captain’s (Mr J.C.Higman) action in subscribing the sum of £500 on debentures in the Cardiff Golf Club Pavilion Ltd, for the purpose of carrying out the scheme of improvements and laying out the ground in the vicinity of the Clubhouse.”


P70  Thurs 28th Oct 1926                         GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ that Mr and Mrs Fred Kington be appointed as Steward and Stewardess at a joint wage of £2-10-0d per week. (Job Description - hours of work “as are usual in clubs!”

P72  weds 10th Nov 1926                            HOUSE COMMITTEE

“ that the Secretary be authorized to expend a sum not exceeding £5 for an ice-chest.”


P77  Weds 8th Dec 1926                        HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE

“ the Secretary was authorized to employ extra labour for preparing and turfing the putting green in front of the Pavilion.”


P83  Weds 15th Dec 1926                         GENERAL COMMITTEE

(14) “that upon completion of the parking place for cars, the following charges be made:- per day, 6d and per year, 10/6d.”


P119  Weds 20th April 1927                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

“sub committee to be set up to consider the question of doing away with the cesspit and connecting up to a sewer”


P121  Weds 11th May 1927                     HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE

“sub-committee to be set up to make arrangements in connection with the official opening of the Putting Green in front of the Pavilion on Sat 28th May”


P125  Weds 18th May 1927                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

“water main laid in Sherbourne Road at no cost to the Club. But, £41 for connection to the Clubhouse.”


P134  Sunday 12th June 1927                       GREENS COMMITTEE

“reported that a letter had been received from Mr J.H.McKiever, enclosing a cheque for 50 guineas for the purpose of buying a Cup to be known as “Cardiff Royal Infirmary Gold Challenge Bowl.” Proceeds from this competition to be given to Cardiff Royal Infirmary. Entrance fee to be 2/6d and £5-5-0d to be given from club funds as prizes.”


P152  Weds 14 Sept 1927                      HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE

“Mr James Thomas of the Humber Company was willing to obtain the services of Jack Hylton’s Carlton Band for the social to be held at the conclusion of the competition for the Humber Trophy.


P164  Weds 12th Oct 1927                      HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE

“ reported that the House Committee set up a committee to make arrangements for the fourth Annual Dance - 37 members.”


P212  Friday 30th March 1928                      GREENS COMMITTEE

“letter dated 28th March from R.Walker, the Professional to the Club, tendering his resignation, and it was resolved that Walker’s resignation be received with regret.”

“the Greens Committee recommend that a testimonial be made to Walker and that a fund be opened, limiting subscription to 2/6d per member.”