Cardiff Golf Club 100  

Extract of committee meeting minutes.

23rd May 1921 to 5th Jan 1922


Meetings of the various committees were held at various venues in Cardiff - No 4 Park Place, Stacey Rd school, Roath Church House,and Western Mail Buildings.


Minutes between these dates are somewhat sketchy! They come from the possessions of Sir Reuben Pugsley, handed down to his son Robert, in the form of photocopies of the minutes, hand written on lined notepaper, with some sections obviously missing.


Friday 27th May 1921 (3 days after the Public Meeting) SUB- COMMITTEE

“Mr Wilmot to make out a plan ready for the inspection of the various sites on Monday afternoon, the 30th inst”


Friday 3rd June 1921                             GENERAL COMMITTEE

“unanimously agreed to close the list at 650 names of intending members. Mr Perry submitted a report of the inspection of three sites by the Committee”


Minutes are missing from the above date to 6th Oct which covered the period when it was decided that Ty-to Maen farm was the preferred option for the golf course at Penylan. From subsequent minutes it is evident that three men were consulted on the layout of the course- Harry Shapland Colt (renowned golf course architect), H.J.Marjoram (professional at Radyr GC) and Robert Walker (professional at Glamorganshire GC)


Unknown date                              GENERAL COMMITTEE

“letter read from Robert Webber re-submitting Colt’s report, but it was unanimously resolved that the course be laid out by Marjoram and Walker.


Thursday,6th Oct 1921                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

(2) “after consultation with Mr Ewan Davies, it was decided that the negotiating committee should endeavour to get in touch with Mr Wyndham D Clark


Wednesday 23rd Nov 1921                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) “ Hon Sec reported the result of the Committee’s negotiations with Mr Ewan Davies for a 21 year lease”

(10) “proposal that the entrance fee for original members to be £3-3-0d, for men and ladies”

(11) “proposal that the fixing of the annual subscription be left to the first General Meeting of the Club”


Friday, 2nd Dec 1921                          GENERAL COMMITTEE

(4) “Hon Sec reported that 530 applications had been received, and it was resolved that the same be accepted and that the list should be closed”

(5) “various clauses in the lease were accepted and that the Club should have the option of 14 years as originally agreed with Mr Ewan Davies”

(6) “decided that all members of the Committee, excluding the ladies, be given tthe opportunity of signing the Lease, and thus becoming Founders of the Club”

(7) “unanimously resolved that all Founders be Elected as Life Members of the Club on payment of an entrance fee of £5-5-0d, and that an annual subscription be payable by them”

(10) “a Greens Committee is to be elected, with plenary powers, and resolved that they advertise immediately for a Golf Professional”


Monday 19th Dec, 1921                              SUB-COMMITTEE

“small sub-committee to be appointed to interview Mr. Ewan Davies in regard to securing a lease on his farm”


Thursday 5th Jan 1922                           GENERAL COMMITTEE

(2) “Secretary reported that Mr Ewan Davies had agreed to our terms regarding the option of two fields”

(3) “decided that the contracts with Mr Ewan Davies and Mr Wyndham Clark be definitely entered into by the Trustees of the Club”