Cardiff Golf Club 100  

Extract of Committee Meeting minutes


Jan 1922 to Feb 1924


Minutes now recorded in leather-bound Minute Books


P1  Monday 23rd Jan 1922                      1st GENERAL MEETING

(10) “Hon Sec reported that 644 applications for membership had been received, and unanimously decided that list would be closed at 650


P4   Friday 3rd Feb 1922                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(7) “it was decided that £1,500 be voted to the Greens Committee for expenditure on the course”

(11) “Reported that 650 applications had now been received consisting of 457 gentlemen and 193 ladies - list now closed”

(12) “entrance fee to be increased to £6-6-0d and that all applicants be placed on a waiting list on payment of £1-1-0d, which would be deducted from entrance fee upon election”


P12  Sunday 12th Feb 1922                       GREENS COMMITTEE

(1) “Club professional reported that the two horses he had on trial were unsatisfactory  and it was resolved that a horse be purchased, sibject to approval by an expert.”

(2) “a new cart and a new set of harness be purchased”

(3) “an enquiry on behalf of the Finance Committee as to how far the £1,500 would go - a rough estimate to be produced.”


P19  Tuesday 7th March 1922                   GENERAL COMMITTEE

(8) “letter received from Mr H.S.Colt and was resolved that the letter “lie on the table”

(15) 2Hon Sec was directed to write to Mr Marjoram of Radyr that he need make no further visits to the Course for the present”


P22  Tuesday 21st March 1922                    GREENS COMMITTEE

(2) “Mr Edwards was prepared to let 3 acres of his land, and to take 4 acres in lieu”

(3) “Mrs Martha Evans was prepared to let her field of 4 acres to the Club at £10 per year”

(4) “the field for four or five fairways to be sown as soon as possible”

(5) “plans and estimate for the Pro’s Shop were submitted”


P24 Tuesday 4th April 1922                       FINANCE COMMITTEE

(2) “letter read from Mr H.S.Colt, and resolved that his a/c of £13-13-0d be paid”

(6) “Treasurer reported that Mr Ewan Davies had promised to advance the money required for building the Club Pavilion. Hon Sec was directed to write to Mr Davies, asking him how much of, say £5,000 he would advance and on what terms”

(7)  “Contract had been agreed for the building of the Pro’s Shop, at a price of £255”


P29 Tuesday 25th April 1922                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) “decided that the formal opening be held on Saturday, 6th May 1922”

(6) “exhibition match for opening day had been arranged between Mr John Duncan and F.Bailey and Mr A.H.Symonds and our professional”

(11) “decided to ask the President, Mr Wyndham Clark to drive the first ball at the opening, and failing him, the Lord Mayor of Cardiff”

(12) “plans for the Club Pavilion were submitted, and at a cost not exceeding £2,500 for building and contents”


P34  Monday 1st May 1922                    HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE

(1) “ Mr Wilmot be invited to submit plans and obtain tenders for the Club Pavilion, not exceeding £2,000, excluding furniture”


P35  Thursday 25th May 1922                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

(2)  “to proceed forthwith the building at a cost not exceeding £2,000”

(3)  “Captain to see Mr Ewan Davies re. the agreement as to the plan of the road”


P39  Friday 30th June 1922                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(4)  “reported that Mr Wyndham Clark had sent the ball with which he opened the Course, nicely mounted on a silver stand”

(7)  “Mr A.H.Symonds reported that he was more than satisfied with progress on the Course”

(16)  “Hon Sec reported that £2,145 had been subscribed in debentures for the Clubhouse, by less tha 250 members.”


P43  Friday28th July 1922                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(1) “tenders were opened - £2,530 exclusive of lockers, was provisionally accepted. Nothing definite could be done until the plans were approved by Mr Ewan Davies”

(2) “debentures subscribed to date were £2,500. Steps to be taken raise a a further £1,000 to cover lockers and furnishing”


P45  Friday 28th July 1922                         TRUSTEES MEETING

(3) “ Trustees have provisionally accepted the tender of £2,530”


P46  Friday 18th Aug 1922                          FINANCE MEETING

(4)  “Committee asked Mr A.H.Symonds if he could keep a close eye on the maintenance wages which the committee thought were too high at present for only 9 holes”


P47  Friday 18th Aug 1922                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(5) “Captain reported that Mr Ewan Davies promised to subscribe £500 debentures provided another storey was added to the Pavilion”

(6) “each committee member volunteered to interview a number of those members who had not yet subscribed”


P49  Monday 28th Aug 1922                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(7) “presentation of revised plan of Pavilion at a cost of £3,190, and another 12 inches in height would mean an extra £120. Decided to accept the tender of £3,310, subject to Mr Ewan Davies subscribing, at least, £500 debentures

P51   Friday 15th Sept 1922                      TRUSTEES MEETING

(2) “tender accepted for £3,310 for the erection of the Pavilion”


P60  Friday 17th Nov 1922                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(9) “contractors for the Pavilion to prepare a price for removing Walker’s shed from its’ present position to a site near the Pavilion”


P69  Friday 15th Dec 1922                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(10)  “resolved to advertise immediately for Club Steward and Stewardess”


P70  Friday 5th Jan 1923                          HOUSE COMMITTEE

(3) “Captain had instructed Walker to report on the condition of the Pavilion roof following recent heavy rains - letter from Walker said that the same was perfectly dry.”

(N.B. contract was accepted in Sept - obviously roof was on by Jan! )


P81  Friday 16th Feb 1923                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(7) “tenders produced for steel and wooden lockers - accepted tender from Developers at 24/6d per locker - 354 gentlemen and 112 ladies.”

(8) “Resolved that Steward and Stewardess be instructed to take up their duties from Monday 19th March”


P86  Thursday 23rd Feb 1923                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

(6) “ interviews for candidates for the position of Secretary. Mr Albert E Taylor was unanimously selected at a salary of £200 per year and to take up duties 19th March”


P89  Friday 2nd March 1923                       GREENS COMMITTEE

(2) “plans submitted for gravel paths around the Pavilion - work to be carried out by our own men”


P90  Friday 2nd March 1923                        HOUSE COMMITTEE

(2)“estimate for club furniture was discussed”

(3) “curtains,linen,crockery and cutlery were discussed”

(4) £550 max to be expended on the pavilion effects”

(5) Hon Sec to make enquiries for a licence for the Pavilion”


P94  Friday 16th March 1923                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(6) “interviewed Walker with regard to the condition of the Course. Because of special work undertaken during the closure of the Course not being completed, the Course opening should not take place until Sat 24th March”

(9) “letter from Mr Watson Pairman offeres a Cup to the Club to be competed by novices only”

(10) “Mr Robert Webber offered a Cup to the Club”

(14) “proposed that an informal opening of the Club’s Pavilion takes place on Thursday 29th March”

(15) “Mr Ewan Davies be invited to open the pavilion, with luncheon at 1.30pm and official opening at 3.30pm”  

P99  Friday23rd March 1923                       HOUSE COMMITTEE

Many resolutions passed - office furniture, telephone switchboard, insurances, staining and waxing block floors, set charges for refreshments and meals. Steward to occupy his quarters in Pavilion as soon as possible, and he must provide accommodation for three waitresses.

“resolved that the playing of card games in the pavilion be not allowed on Sundays”


P106  Friday 29th April 1923                    GENERAL COMMITTEE

First Committee meeting held in Club Pavilion.


P121  Thursday 10th May 1923                    GREENS COMMITTEE

(1) “Secretary authorized to open 16 holes for play at Whitsuntide, opening of the full 18 holes to be deferred until further notice”

(2) “Professional notified that one of the horses is not suitable for the work. Secretary was instructed to sell such horse and replace it with a new one.”


P139  Friday 15th June 1923                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(11) “the Professional, Walker, had taken on an assistant, J.D.Greenaway, and that the Club would pay an extra £1-5-0d to Walkerin part payment of his wages.”


P148  Tuesday 26th June 1923                       HOUSE COMMITTEE

(1) “resolved that Mr J.C.Higman be asked to obtain an estimated cost for taking photographs of the original Committee, and having them suitably mounted and framed, for hanging in the Pavilion”

.(N.B. Photos now hanging in the Hallway.)


P152  Friday 20th July 1923                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(12) “following leakage problems with the cesspit, it was resolved to seek tenders to link the drainage from the Pavilion to the sewage system”


P158  Tuesday 28th Aug 1923                      GREENS COMMITTEE

“resolved that a Cup presented by Mr Lewis Lougher Esq, M.P., called “The Lougher Cup”, to be played in Spring and Autumn each year until the Cup is won outright- the Cup to be won outright by a member winning three medal rounds for this Cup.”

“resolved that “The Robert J Webber Cup” be played “half-yearly”, Gents Knockout foursomes under handicap”


P161  Thursday 30th Aug 1923  SPECIAL MEETING of GREENS COMMITTEE

“Secretary reported that the tenant of a small holding adjoining the Course was leaving. Negotiations with the Town Clerk, as to the possibility of the Club taking on the tenancy.”

( Not sure where this was- DNJ)


P175  Thursday 27th Sept 1923                      GREENS COMMITTEE

(2) “the draw for The Robert J Webber Cup took place, the dates for completion of the rounds were fixed as follows:- 1st round 8th Oct,  2nd round 22nd Oct, 3rd round 5th Nov, 4th round 19th Nov.”

(3) “Secretary authorized to set a date for the final of “The Watson Pairman Cup, the match to be played over 36 holes.”

P179  Friday 19th Oct 1923                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) “letter received from the Town Clerk, stating that the Smallholding Committee could not entertain an application from Cardiff Golf Club to become tenants of No3 small holding, Llanedarn.”


P204   Friday18th Jan 1924                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ the Club was granted first refusal on recently available Coed-y-Gloria farm by My Wyndham Clark’s agent, but unfortunately the Club was not in a position to purchase the land, at present.”


P208  Friday 18th Feb 1924                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Secretary reported that the Course was being damaged by sheep. Greens Committee to consider advisability for stopping sheep from grazing.”