Cardiff Golf Club 100  

Extracts of Committee Meetings minutes


May 1933 to Dec 1938 


P2  Weds 17th March 1933                  GENERAL COMMITTEE

(6) “Samples of materials and designs for a tie had been received and the matter was to be left in the hands of the Captain.”

(11) “J.H.Merrett had consented to give a cup to the Club, to be known as “The Wednesday Cup.”



(1) “To defer plans to alter the Clubhouse.”

(7) “Farmhouse had become vacant - a new weekly tenancy to be offered at six shillings per week.”


P13  Weds 12th July 1933               HOUSE & FINANCE COMMITTEE

(5) “Out of the profits of £50 in connection with Gala Day on 8th July, it was resolved that this Committee recommends to the General Committee, that electric light be installed in the Club Pavilion forthwith.”


P14  Weds 12th July 1933                         GENERAL COMMITTEE

(2) “ Chairman read letters which he had forwarded to W.G.Smalldon, Percy Alliss, E.W.H.Kenyon and Bert Hodgson, in connection with the exhibition game played Sat 17th June.”

(6) “Secretary submitted photographs of the Course taken by H.J.Whitelock &Sons and resolved that an order be placed for a gross of postcards showing 18th Hole.”

(12) “Unanimously resolved that Weds and Thurs of third week in September be  set aside to introduce visitors on these days without green fees.”

(13) “An offer made by the Captain to frame a photograph of the Course taken by the Western Mail on Gala Day was gratefully accepted.”


P25  Weds 11th October 1933                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(14) “The Secretary be authorized to arrange a date in early 1934 for a Greenkeepers Dinner.”

(15) “Letter dated 10th Oct in which Mr A.E.Taylor tendered his resignation -accepted with regrets. He terminates his employment 31st Dec.”



“ Meeting convened at Park Hotel to interview five candidates for the appointment of Secretary. Resolved that Mr W.J.Davies of Radyr, near Cardiff, be appointed as Secretary of the Club from 1st January at a salary of £200 per year, with lunch, and that Mr Davies be asked to reside near the Club no later than 30th June 1934.”


P42  Weds 10th January 1934                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(11) “Resolved that in substitution of the supply of lunches to the Secretary,he be granted an additional remuneration of £50 per year to cover same.”




P51  Weds 21st February 1934               ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus revenue for the year was £508-4-10d.”



“ Meeting was called to discuss progress in discussions with the ground landlord, Mr Ewan Davies.

The Club required a surrender of existing lease, a rearrangement of the Course, and a renewal for an extended period. Mr Davies required some land to be surrendered by the Club:-

(a) A strip to allow a road and two building frontages, which would absorb most of the 16th and 17th holes.

(b) A building frontage to Ty Draw Road which would mean doing away with 12th green and 13th fairway.”


P82  Weds 18th July 1934                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) “The Secretary to make enquiries with a view to getting details and quotations for the immediate laying on of water to the greens.”


P87  Saturday 21st July 1934                        GREENS COMMITTEE

(2) “Tender of £290 for laying water to the greens, was accepted.”


P89  Weds 3rd October1934              SPECIAL GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) “ Committee considered a letter from the City Water Engineer suggesting the use of asbestos cement water pipes in place of wrought iron pipes - was resolved that the latter be used to convey water to the greens.”


P101  Weds 12th December 1934                  GENERAL COMMITTEE

(16) “ Secretary was instructed to take such steps as were convenient to remedy the state of the road leading to the Clubhouse.”


P108  Weds 20th February 1935             ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus revenue for the year was £446-2-9d.”


P129  Monday 24th June 1935               SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING

(1) “Capt J.J.Williams to confirm arrangements regarding conveyance for portion of land around Clubhouse. Letter to be written to Mr Ewan Davies, including coloured map to who “owns” what.”


P143  Saturday 19th October 1935                 GENERAL COMMITTEE

(8) “Secretary reported that Mr A.E.Taylor had kindly given a Cup to the Club for competition amongst its’ members.”


P152  Weds 11th December 1935                  GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ Secretary reported that Whitchurch Golf Club desired to hire the Mole Draining equipment, together with the assistance of two members of groundstaff, for the purpose of laying on water on the Whitchurch Links.Resolved that consent be given to this, on payment of a daily charge of £5-5-0d.”


P168  Weds 5th February 1936                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(15) “Notice was given that the next meeting should consider obtaining a further option for purchasing the freehold of the land now let to the Club by Mr George Edwards (13th fairway).”


P169  Weds 19th February 1936              ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus revenue for the year was £275-13-11d.”


P176  Weds 11th March 1936                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(16) “Request from the Divots Golfing Society, asking permission to place a Captains’ board in the Clubhouse -granted.”


P208  Weds 11th Nov 1936                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(7) “ a letter was read from Capt. J.J.Williams enclosing a plan of the Club’s freehold.”


P229  Weds 17th February 1937              ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus for the year was £298-6-3d.”


P236  Friday 19th March 1937                      GREENS COMMITTEE

(2)  “It was resolved that the competition for the Cardiff Royal Infirmary Gold Challenge Bowl be opened to women members of the Club.”



(1) “It was intimated that that Mrs Smalldon wished to resign from her post as Stewardess of the Club.

(2) Adverts for a replacement be placed in newspapers.”


P239  Sat 10th April 1937                    SUB-COMMITTEE MEETING

“Applications were duly considered and a shortlist was prepared.”


P240  Weds 14th April 1937    HOUSE & FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING

(6) “Resolved that a measure of whisky be reduced. New optics to be obtained.

(7) “New sherry glasses be obtained, to increase the number of glasses to the bottle from 12 to 14.

(8) “Secretary to advise staff to reduce the measure of fruit drinks supplied to members.”


P250  Thursday 22nd April 1937           SPECIAL GENERAL COMMITTEE

“ Four candidates interviewed at Park Hotel by fourteen members of Committee. Resolved that Miss Severs be offered the position, subject to her acceptance after inspecting the Golf Pavilion. Miss Wright to be offered the post in case Miss Severs withdrew.”






P251  Weds 28th April 1937                  SUB-COMMITTEE MEETING

(1) “Mr & Mrs Martin, applicants for Steward & Stewardess, were interviewed (Mrs Martin was on original shortlist) - subject to a report from Mr R.J.Pugsley.

Resolved that the Sub-Committee recommend Mr & Mrs Martin for consideration of the General Committee for appointment.”



(1) “Meeting convened to interview Mr & Mrs Martin.”

(2) “Unanimously resolved that they be given this appointment.”


P256  Monday 10th May 1937                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(9) “Selection of additional candidates for the post of Steward & Stewardess.”



“ Committee interviewed Mr & Mrs Woodward and resolved that Mr Woodward be appointed Steward from 7th June 1937.”



“The Honorary Solicitor, having fully explained the legal position with regard to the publication in the Sunday Express and the Sunday Pictorial, relating to the Club’s tenancy of the Links, resolved that he write to both papers repudiating the accuracy of the reports and asking for immediate withdrawal.”


P265  Weds 9th June 1937                        GENERAL COMMITTEE


P302  Weds 16th February 1938              ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

“Surplus revenue for the year was £491-18-9d.”

“ It was reported that David H.Lewis had been selected to play in the Walker Cup trials at St Andrews. This was the first occasion that any member of a Welsh club had received this signal honour.”


P322  Weds 8th June 1938                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

“Plans and estimate for alterations to the dining room were given, but nothing could be done until something was known about the extension of the lease.”


P327  Monday 18th July 1938                     GENERAL COMMITTEE

(11) “Secretary mentioned that some members were anxious to obtain a new Club tie - Captain to obtain design and colours to show at next meeting.”


P332  Tuesday 13th September 1938                GENERAL COMMITTEE

(3) Colours and designs of new Club tie were shown to the Committee. The Secretary was asked to order a quantity, immediately.”


P335  Sunday 25th September 1938                  GREENS COMMITTEE

(4) “Suggested alteration for No 10 hole (now No11) i.e. placing the green across the brook in spare ground. Secretary to ask the landlord if he had any objection to undergrowth and bushes being removed.”


P345  Weds 9th November 1938                   GENERAL COMMITTEE

(12) “Letter received from Brynhill Golf Club to borrow the Mole Draining equipment - agreed for a fee of £5-5-0d.”


P351  Weds 14th December 1938                   GENERAL COMMITTEE

(16) “A letter of resignation was received from Mr J.P.Morgan, Treasurer of the Club, since foundation.”