Cardiff Golf Club 100  

Extracts of Committee Meetings minutes


February 1924 to February 1925


P5  Weds 20th Feb 1924                         GENERAL COMMITEE

(2) “notice served on Mrs Husband, sub-tenant of the farm, to quit”

(3) “problem with the right of way between the Professional’s Shop and the Pavilion”

(11) “letter to local newspaper from Mrs Kemp, Ladies Captain, was read out - critical of the standing of ladies on the Course. The editor was asked to publish a reply from the Secretary.”


P17  Weds 5th March 1924                  FINANCE SUB-COMMITTEE

(4) “resolved that all new members who had not purchased debentures should do so.”


P22  Weds 9th April 1924                         GREENS COMMITTEE

(3) “resolved that the full 18 holes be opened at the discretion of the Captain and the Secretary”


P40  Friday 23rd May 1924                       GENERAL COMMITTEE

(15)  “resolved that Mr Reuben Pugsley obtain photographs of the opening of the Course”


P48  Monday 23rd June 1924                      GENERAL COMMITTEE

(4) “Secretary was authorized to write to the General Manager, Tramways Dept, re buses stopping at Cyncoed Church rather than Rhydypenau Road terminus. Also a protest about paying full fares.”


P55  Friday 11th July 1924                      HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEE

(9) “Secretary was authorized to write to all original Committee members to have photographs taken”

(10) “cost of photographs (2/6d per member) plus mounting and framing for £5-0-0d was accepted.”


P98  Friday 16th Jan 1925                         GENERAL COMMITTEE

(7) “the Secretary was authorized to forward an account for £15-1-3d to Colonel Rivers of Tredegar Park being the cost of repairing damage to the Course by huntsmen.”

(11) Reference to the Pavilion being designed so that it could be readily converted into two houses if necessary


P115  Friday 20th Feb 1925          THIRD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

(10) “Mr Ewan Davies promised to present the Club with a Championship Bowl.”

(19) “ the Captain announced that the Committee had decided to keep the Course closed for all play for another week.”