The Captain's Chair

The Captain's Chair may only be used by the President or Captain of the Club, typically at General or Committee Meetings. It was presented to the Club by Gerald Tudor, Captain in 1945 and 1946 and one time Club Solicitor, in memory of his son, Pilot Officer Gerald Leslie Tudor, RAFVR, killed in action on 21st August 1942.

Gardening = dropping of mines into the sea from bombers.

This text kindly supplied by Hans Houterman


A major mining operation of the Western Baltic was organised for the evening of 20th August, involving 65 bombing crews, of which 9 came from Leslie Tudor's squadron 218. Tudor's plane, Short Stirling Mk 1, serial no W7573 code HA-U, led by 25 year old Australian F/O Owen Sanderson, RAAF, took off from Downham Abbey. The plane became the victim of flak defences around the airfield at Schleswig  and Sanderson jettisoned four mines, only to crash almost immediately at 22.30 hours with the loss of all on board. P/O Leslie Tudor was 21 years of age.

Since 1945, the crew's remains have rested at The Commonwealth War Cemetery, Kiel in Northern Germany.

Read Letter from Air Historical Branch (RAF), Ministry of Defence.